D. Mob Featuring Gary Haisman ‎– We Call It Acieed / Trance Dance + 2020 remixes (UK Remix and US 12″)

It took a while to make it over to the States, getting a release a year after in 1989. Dancin’ Danny D (real name Daniel Kwadwo Addai Poku) produced a critical track with rapper mate Gary Haisman (R.I.P.) and caused tabloid-fuelled moral panic over acid house in the UK

Repetitive as hell, the “Matey” mixes were the more polished of all the versions, additional samplers -(Get Right On One Matey)

The instrumental has some nice dub effects, very trippy (probably as intended) and because of the lack of vocals it doesn’t date it.

“Trance Dance” is more musical and House-orientated, a cheesy vocal from Danny D and some girlie backing vocals. (Sampled from Nona Hendryx – “Why Should I Cry?”) Showing his versatility as he would have a few more hits after this.



FFRR ‎– 886 517-1 SAM_7352

A1 We Call It Acieed (The “Matey” Mix) 9:18
A2 We Call It Acieed (The “Matey” Instrumental) 5:30
B1 Trance Dance (12″ Mix) 7:38
B2 Trance Dance (Bonus Beats) 2:54
B3 Trance Dance (Instrumental) 4:33

And here is my crispy addition the “Living Beat Remix” by Simon Harris. Sparse but needs to played loud as it has a different bass.

Banned for promoting drug use, too many e’s in the title it seems.




AWe Call It Acieed (The Living Beat Remix)
B1We Call It Acieed (The “Matey” Instrumental)
B2We Call It Acieed (The “Matey” Beats)

And here is the limited edition 12″ Re-issue with remixes from August 2020 another Record Day release limited to 600 copies.

Rebūke (Irish producer Reuben Keeney) keeps it in the same era with just a few modern tweeks (4)

Mall Grab (London based Aussie Jordon Alexander) goes harder and sparser, again it keeps most of the vocls and chants in (3)

Berlin based Canadian Nathan Micay goes quite dubby and techy with plenty of flanger, without the chant it could be any bubbling techno track (3)

Serge Santiágo at least adds some acid into his remix and it nearly fails to ignite. (4)



London Records – LMS5521335

A1We Call It Acieeed (Remastered Original) (Edit)
A2We Call It Acieeed (Rebüke Remix)
A3We Call It Acieeed (Mall Grab Remix)
B1We Call It Acieeed (Nathan Micay’s Limp Wrist Society Remix)
B2We Call It Acieeed (Serge Santiago Remix)

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