Tunes From Oz and Beyond Part 19 (Early 80’s) *Missing Links Added*

Early 80’s stuff, a few albums a lot not available digital form.

Mi-Sex – Space Race (US Vinyl LP)

New Zealand New Wave band with their second album (released May 1980). All sprinkled with synth motifs and a futuristic theme. The line-up on this was release was ; Guitar, Vocals – Kevin Stanton, Keyboards, Synthesizer – Murray Burns, Lead Vocals – Steve Gilpin, Drums, Percussion – Richard Hodgkinson and Bass, Vocals – Don Martin.

There is some rocky elements mixed in with the New Wave, there is certainly a nod to Ultravox. The singles , “It Only Hurts When I’m Laughing” and “People” are highlights, great production for the time. “Ghosts” has some nice sequencer and the album closer has some great analogue sounds.

Epic ‎– JE 36744 SAM_1671

A1 Space Race 3:44
A2 Pages And Matches 2:30
A3 Living In September 2:41
A4 I Don’t Know 2:27
A5 Slippin’ Out 3:08
A6 It Only Hurts When I’m Laughing 4:14
B1 People 3:49
B2 Good Guys Always Win (Satire) 3:17
B3 Ghosts 3:42
B4 Burning Up 3:35
B5 Ice Cold Dead 4:16

The Honeymoon ‎– Break Your Heart (Aussie 7″)

More New Wave sounds from 1982 and Sydney’s, The Honeymoon, the band consisted of frontman Kevin Bennett (The Flood)

This was produced by NZ studio man Peter Dawkins and engineered by Martin Benge, Pop Rock with close harmonies.

The B-side is slightly rockier, keeping the harmonies and like the A -side , well produced and better than the A-side.''_Vinyl_-_1982_MP3.rar

EMI ‎– EMI-759 SAM_9599

A Break Your Heart 2:36
B Looking For The Lights 3:00

Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons ‎– Step Lively (US Vinyl LP)

Blues Rock with plenty of horns giving some tracks a Ska feel.

From September 1981 it’s a reissue of Hats Off Step Lively, the fifth studio album and they had split by the time it was released. Re-recorded and re-ordered it was their last stab at international success, produced by Pete Solley,  H.W. Casey and Rick Finch of K.C. and the Sunshine Band. There was not enough band members left to promote it.

On the record the classic line-up included, Bass, Vocals – John Power, Drums – Gary Young, Guitar – Jeff Burstin, Guitar, Vocals – Tony Faehse,Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar – Joe Camilleri and  Vocals, Saxophone, Keyboards – Wilbur Wilde

Lots of variety here but with a emphasis on reggae /Ska, I like the weird hybrid of styles “Sweet Honey Sweet,”  the Bad Manner’s sounding “PT” and reggae-lite of “Keep It Up”

Columbia ‎– NFC 37047 SAM_9209

A1 But It’s Alright 2:57
A2 Sweet Honey Sweet 3:44
A3 Tighten Up 3:22
A4 All I Wanna Do 3:06
A5 Fool Enough 3:33
A6 P.T. 3:40
B1 Gimme Little Sign 2:37
B2 Keep It Up 3:48
B3 Too Hot 2:32
B4 Puppet On A String 3:32
B5 Rudy 4:33
B6 Rub Up, Push Up 3:05

The Angels ‎– Never So Live (Aussie 12″)

As mentioned the last week Oz bands had to be able to put on a show. The audience expected it and live albums were popular. Adelaide band The Angels were a little more Heavy Rock in their sound.  This was their 3 rd E.P. with the line-up of ;John Brewster – rhythm guitar, vocals, Rick Brewster – lead guitar, vocals, Doc Neeson – lead vocals, Chris Bailey – bass, vocals and Brent Eccles – drums

From September 1981, “Talk About You” is the highlight, quite punky.

Their sound went on to influence Guns N Roses, Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

Epic ‎– EX 12016 SAM_9366

A 1 Fashion And Fame 4:51
A2 Talk About You 3:43
B1 Bad Dream 4:29
B2 Angel 4:54

Men At Work ‎– Who Can It Be Now? (US 7″)

From 1981 and my favourite track by them, it’s all about the sax on here. The production is top notch from Peter McIan. “Anyone For Tennis?” is frantic New Wave semi- instrumental with a small bit of synth. Exclusive here for you, and also with a FLAC option!

FLAC link

Columbia ‎– 18-02888 SAM_1183

A Who Can It Be Now? 3:20
B Anyone For Tennis 3:00

Mike Rudd And The Heaters ‎– The Unrealist (Aussie Vinyl LP)

Pub Rock with added synths!!

From 1982 and Weird mix of space sounds from Melbourne’s and New Zealand born Mike Rudd (Spectrum, Ariel) and his band. The line-up was; Bass – William Putt (Spectrum, Ariel), Drums, Vocals – Robert Dillon, Guitar, Vocals – Mike Rudd and Keyboards, Vocals – Tony Fossey and produced by Howard Gable.

There is some variety, from funky New Wave, Post Punk and er Pub Rock, see above video. Much prefer the New Wave tracks; “Models”, “Russian Roulette” and the progy, “Anything For You.” with the faded intro.

Mushroom ‎– L-37711 SAM_3506

A1 Laser Lover
A2 Love Comes Love Goes
A3 Domestic Crisis
A4 Keeping Your Distance
A5 I’m An Animal
B1 War Surplus Love
B2 Models
B3 Media Mania
B4 Russian Roulette
B5 Anything For You
B6 Head Job

Sharon O’Neill ‎– Maybe (Aussie 7″)

New Zealand singer, pianist Sharon O’Neill released this in 1981 from the album “Maybe”, written and arranged and produced with Peter McLan (again) A great ballad, beautifully song with a rockier B-side.

CBS ‎– BA 222863 SAM_0467

A Maybe
B Long Distance From Singapore



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  1. Cool, thanks for the track! And thanks for the blog. You’ve always got either something I like or something I’ve never heard before. Love it!

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