Eighth Wonder Featuring Patsy Kensit ‎– I’m Not Scared (US Promo 12″)

The rare promo 12″ which contains a couple of mixes by “Little” Louie Vega as well as the normal Phil Harding ones. Behind it all is The Pet Shop Boys and their soundscapes and backing vocals it seems

The Vega mixes have more glacial synths, metal percussion edits and breakbeats. Sounds a bit Propaganda and a lot harder with the clipped bass.

B-side is a weird mix of eurobeats, synths and yelps. (and some howling guitar!) More of a stand alone dance track.



WTG Records ‎– PAS 1623 SAM_8986

A1 I’m Not Scared (“Little” Louie Vega Mix) 7:17
A2 I’m Not Scared (Dub Version) 4:55
A3 J’ai Pas Peur (French Version) 5:48
B1 I’m Not Scared (Long Euro Mix) 7:58
B2 Baby Baby (Dusted Mix) 6:00

5 thoughts on “Eighth Wonder Featuring Patsy Kensit ‎– I’m Not Scared (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Also tony moran remix of im not scared with louie vega can u post Bobby brown king of stage extended seventeen club version 1987 remix by greg royal Please

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