Duran Duran ‎– Tiger! Tiger! (Japan 12″)

Gathering together the extended singles from 1983’s “Seven And The Ragged Tiger”, this got a release in June 1984, just as the band had started to implode.

Most fans will have these already.

“The Reflex” was mixed by Nile Rodgers and Jason Corsaro, in one of their strongest twelves.

“Union Of The Snake” funks around and feels a lot slower than I remember it and it now has a heavier guitar to my old ears. I do like Andy Hamilton’s evocative saxophone but it seems to plod along.

“New Moon On Monday” harks back to their older sound. Again great bass playing and subtle synth sounds. The Highlight track.

Okay is it me or is the Monster Mix of “Is There Something…” absolutley shocking, it’s a bloody instrumental. I remember when it came out and I bought it, smug that I was going to get a extended version of this one off song. Grrrrr still angry about it now.

The closing instrumental track is slightly remixed from the album, I think it appeared as the backing music for the VHS release of  “Arena.”



EMI ‎– EMS-50142 SAM_7221

A1 The Reflex (Dance Mix) = リフレックス
A2 Union Of The Snake (The Monkey Mix) = ユニオン・オブ・ザ・スネーク
B1 New Moon On Monday = ニュー・ムーン・オン・マンデイ
B2 Is There Something I Should Know (Monster Mix) = プリーズ・テル・ミー・ナウ
B3 Tiger Tiger = タイガー・タイガー

4 thoughts on “Duran Duran ‎– Tiger! Tiger! (Japan 12″)”

  1. Exactly, now you have brought it up the — Is There Something I Should Know (Monster Mix) — when I had last listened to it, actually came to mind thinking I thought there was more vocals in this mix.

    Maybe another mix was misplaced or find a remix service that has this song remixed. Did the video have a mix with more vocals?

  2. There’s a bunch of home made mixes floating around online that marry the Monster mix with the album version to create something longer but with vocals.

  3. I would typify this release as commemorating when the wheels began falling off the DD bus… for the first of many times in their tumultuous career. You’e right. “New Moon On Monday” was the only single from that album with any of the panache they had in spades on the prior album. But they were strapped to a rocket that none of them could have anticipated even a year earlier. Writing and recording an album was the least of their concerns. As I thought that “Is There Something I Should Know” was a mediocre song, I didn’t mind the 12″ only having a dub mix. Unlike in the case of The Human League’s “Don’t You Want” me a while earlier!

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