Naked Eyes ‎– Promises, Promises (Extended Version) (US Promo 12″)

At the time (1983) I’d come across the tune, probably thinking it was from Kajagoogoo or Re-Flex – such was the amount of similar sounding bands around the time. I didn’t know it would be a significant 80’s track until it started appearing on 80’s compilations back in the 90’s. But only in the US not here.

Smoothly produced by Tony Mansfield. The talented duo of Rob Fisher and Peter Byrne who formed in Bath in the UK went on to conquer the US, where they chose to release their stuff. It sounds like a slick ABC. Martin Dobson provides a bit of sax with C.C Smith. Mansfield did some drum programming and added some bass guitar. Phil Towner (New Muzak, Nick Straker Band) provided real drums, if you can identify them.

EMI America ‎– SPRO 9962


A Promises, Promises (Extended Version) 5:41
B Promises, Promises (Instrumental) 3:59

2 thoughts on “Naked Eyes ‎– Promises, Promises (Extended Version) (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Never heard of this. Another one of those British bands who curiously flopped in their home country, but enjoyed success in the US. Interesting post.

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