Men Without Hats ‎– Where Do The Boys Go? (Extended Version) (US 12″)

Glam Synth Pop!! I love this track and especially the 12″ version . Produced by the unofficial 4th band member, Marc Durand, it has the right mix of euphoric synths and weird sounds. It is certainly an uplifting tune.

“Eurotheme” has a feel of Foxx / Ultravox at the start, glacial synths and sequencers combined with a chugging guitar. Tubular bells and whistles are soon introduced, keeping the bands quirky style. So much more than the “The Safety Dance.*

MCA Records ‎– MCA-23513


A Where Do The Boys Go? (Extended Version) 6:18
B1 Where Do The Boys Go? (LP Version) 3:59
B2 Eurotheme 2:40

3 thoughts on “Men Without Hats ‎– Where Do The Boys Go? (Extended Version) (US 12″)”

  1. I wish this band never released “Safety Dance” as a single – they might have been more popular over time. They got pigeon-holed into a one-hit wonder category before their 2nd album came out, unfortunately. Had they not exploded with that one song there is a good chance they would have been an underground band with a decent cult following for a couple of albums slowly building up a consistent audience rather than constantly trying to live up to the one anomalous hit.

  2. Never liked this one – too samey and repetitive for its own good, like so many of the songs from “Folk of the 80s Part III”. The whole album sounded like they’ve shot their good load on “Rhythm of youth” and, having gained success, had to quickly push an LP of second rate ones, B-sides at best, to try and keep the momentum going. Only “Eurotheme” and the title track are on par with the predecessor’s songs. Unfortunate for them. And I agree, “Safety dance” hampered their progress, not helped it. A very good band that probably had much more to offer.

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