Eurythmics ‎– The First Cut (US Promo 12″)

A bit of a forgotten period for the band as the success of “Sweet Dreams” gave away to this more dance orientated sound these were promo remixes of 4 tracks from the “Touch Dance” release. Helped by a bevy of US Remixers; François Kevorkian, Jay Mark and John “Jellybean” Benitez.

The funk had certainly arrived with Stewart plugging his guitar in with other stringed things.. I like “Paint A Rumour” as it keeps with the early electronics with a sort of Blancmange vibe to it. Hypnotic Proto-Trance.

“Regrets” has an unusual but original arrangement.

RCA ‎– JW-13848SAM_7908

A1 The First Cut 6:34
A2 Cool Blue 5:58
B1 Paint A Rumour 7:26
B2 Regrets 7:34

4 thoughts on “Eurythmics ‎– The First Cut (US Promo 12″)”

  1. “Paint a rumour” is indeed great, the second best from “Touch” (after “…The Rain…”) – tremendous groove, very insistent, almost oppressive, and that bass! Even brass is just perfect and adds to the experience. Marvelous production, and Annie’s so great with this vocal style. Not really sure those remixes added much to the songs, always preferred their original versions. Still, a good curio of a time when remixes were just that – differently mixed versions, not deconstructions and abominations.

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