Visage ‎– Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix) (12″)

A very influential 12″ for me when I bought this standalone single back in October 1982. I didn’t know about the obvious homo-erotic overtones at the time I was just blown away by the beats and synths. John Luongo (with Rusty Egan) was the mixer and it was all about the breakdowns, frantic drum machines. At the time I didn’t know Midge Ure had left the project due to musical differences.

It links well with the extended version of the album title track “The Anvil”, guitars and sequencers in perfect harmony. Made slightly funkier than the LP version. Love the midge guitar on it


Polydor ‎– POSPX 523


A Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix) 6:58
B The Anvil (Dance Mix) 6:14

4 thoughts on “Visage ‎– Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix) (12″)”

  1. Now that’s the sound they should’ve been exploring – harder, more electronic and edgier. “Beat boy” is such a let-down after the promise of this. Clearly they hid something still left in them in 1982 – when had happened by 1984? (I know, I know – drugs and other things.. A pity). The last hooray.

    1. Interestingly the Beat Boy album was recorded in 1982-83 but wasn’t released until 84 because they were in legal proceedings with their previous management. What happened between Pleasure Boys and Beat Boy was they dropped the synths in favour of the Fairlight (losing Billy Currie & Dave Formula in the process) and didn’t ask John Luongo back as producer.

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