Kraftwerk ‎– Computer Love / The Model (12″)

The polished sound of Kraftwerk from July 1981, so far ahead of their time on this Double A -side. Move over “Tinder” and other online dating sites. I always thought Hutter sang “Downtown Date” 🙂

I love the way it drifts along with different synth motifs playing off against each other.

“The Model” appearing as the B-side on this UK 12″ gave a lot more people access to the 1979 classic.

Even if Coldplay tried to ruin “Computer World” by pinching the hook for their 2005 hit “Talk”

EMI ‎– 12 EMI 5207


A Computer Love 7:20
B The Model 3:39

6 thoughts on “Kraftwerk ‎– Computer Love / The Model (12″)”

  1. Welcome back. Did you pick up any vinyl in SA?

    Classic tunes. Btw. Coldplay didnt pinch the hook from Computer World. One of the few acts to ask permission from Kraftwerk to use it. Nice polite boys!

    1. I know, I know but Kraftwerk can be right buggers. I used to love this band in 2008 “Legendary electro-oddities Kraftwerk are reportedly suing Liverpool band Kling Klang as the phrase is a registered band trademark and the name of their Dusseldorf studio. The phrase apparently means ‘ding dong’ in German.” They disappeared without a trace after that.

      1. Yeah. definately an over reaction by Kraftwerk. Too quick to get lawyered up.

        Understandable perhaps given the amount of unauthorised sampling they have endured over the years.

  2. This was from the last golden period for Kraftwerk for me as they were blindsided by sampling and reacted badly to the emergence of The Art Of Noise. Prior to that, their sound design was peerless and timeless; being down to expensive custom electronics development. To hear slap bass samples in “Tour De France” was shocking.

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