Ultravox ‎– Visions In Blue (12″)

A forgotten single from “Quartet” from March 1983 and an attempt to regain their glory with “Vienna” Version 2.0. Accompanied by a risque video and a middle section that just goes on that little too long. I forgotten it was produced by legendary producer George Martin.

“Reap The Wild Wind” is a live version from the Hammersmith Odeon gig from Dec. 1982. With The Messengers on full on backing vocals duty (sounding a bit like they were from the West Country than Glasgow on the title) and the rolling bass of Chris Cross.

Oh no, I remember hearing the B-side “Break Your Back” and thinking what the ****? Warren Cann out doing Herbie Hancock, Ultravox had gone all Street? Electro beats and Cann’s whispered lyrics



Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2676 SAM_4875

A Visions In Blue 4:38
B1 Reap The Wild Wind (Live) 3:53
B2 Break Your Back 3:25

3 thoughts on “Ultravox ‎– Visions In Blue (12″)”

  1. The very poor video always reminded me of something that Visage would have rejected. What were they thinking? Warren Cann was disappointed that it wasn’t actually filthy enough! He didn’t see the point in being tepidly exploitative.

    I never really thought that “Visions In Blue” reminded me of “Vienna.” To me it seemed like the last vein of ore that had produced the angst-heavy “Rage In Eden” having been milked dry as the band moved elsewhere.

    And no one imagined an Ultravox track designed for break dancing! As I was barely conversant with hip-hop/electro in early 1983 this was a real shock to the system. Ultravox, of all people, were probably second to market with this outlier to nowhere following the much more high-profile “Buffalo Gals” by Malcolm McLaren + Trevor Horn.

  2. Oh no, that middle section doesn’t go on long enough! 🙂 It’s just marvelous, those airy synths flying over that driving electro beat – just wow! Could listen to it for hours (well, not really, but hope you get my drift 🙂 Video, on the other hand, is an embarrassment – they should’ve come up with at least an attempt at a story to it. Probably not enough time before the all-important US tour – but the end result is only worth watching for the middle section dancing.

    Was never fond of “Reap the wild wind”, for some reason it always seemed a bit too matter of fact, without that special something most Vox singles had, and not too expressive sound-wise, rather tame. Probably a live version sounded more lively – but not much of an improvement, unfortunately. But that’s just me.

    “Break your back” I couldn’t understand for years, only recently came to appreciate it, if only for historical importance and sheer avantgardeness. It was nice for the band not to be formulaic neither with singles choices not with their B-sides.

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