Simple Minds ‎– Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (12″)

A great 12″ with a different intro and from 1982 which seems so long ago. A credit to producer Pete Walsh who crystallizes the early 80’s bombast sound.

“King Is White And In The Crowd” is from a Radio 1 session, stripped back and very electronic. When I got this on 7″ I played this a more than the A-side. Still puzzled by the lyrics and the weird hypnotic arrangement, experimentalism which they soon dumped.

“Soundtrack…” sound a bit like Level 42 (Derek Forbes making his mark), an instrumental and part of the “Themes” series.

Virgin ‎– VS 538-12 folder

A Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) 6:02
B1 King Is White And In The Crowd (Radio Session) 5:18
B2 Soundtrack For Every Heaven 4:55


3 thoughts on “Simple Minds ‎– Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (12″)”

  1. Very astute Level 42 reference. It never occurred to me before but hell yeah. “King Is White + In The Crowd” was the last holdover form their peak Krautrock-influenced “Empires + Dance” to “Sons/Sister’ phase. The BBC version was certainly more arid than the “New Gold Dream” version.

  2. Shivers down the spins from the A-side, such a precious song, a masterpiece! Secretly glad this didn’t really succeed – so is not overplayed now (barely played, even) and retains its mystic and evocative quality.

    “Soundtrack” is good, too, though not nearly as good as “Theme for great cities”.

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