Silly Sunday Song 60 – The Timelords ‎– Doctorin’ The Tardis *updated and Polished (US CDS & 12″)

Reaching the milestone of 60! It had to be this weird track from 1988 by The KLF. One of the first mash-ups. Based on the Doctor Who theme, as well as “Rock And Roll” by Gary Glitterand sampling “Blockbuster!” by The Sweet. A fun Party track!

The full 8 minute extended mix is really fun! More obvious samples – The Blockbuster intro is nearly here in full.

The ambient “Minimal” mix has no Glam Beats but a steady bass drum. More for fans of the Dr. Who theme, less gimmicks.


TVT Records ‎– TVT 4020


Side A
A1 Doctorin’ The Tardis (Radio)  
A2 Doctorin’ The Tardis (Minimal)  
  Club Side

Doctorin’ The Tardis (Extended)

Now with the added bonus of the CD single!

All clear sounds on this Glam tribute! Dalek’s imitating Harry Enfield, really like the Space effects, I wonder how much was sampled and how much was reproduced.

The Instrumental could be a whole new Dr. Who Theme!

A bonus on this release was the original, full version of “What Time Is Love?” – without the rap. Ahead of it’s time and it’s origins disputed, there is even a Wiki page devoted to it

Disgraced Gary Glitter adds some sinister vocals of his own track 4. A track you won’t find on Spotify. Mislabeled. it should be “Gary In The Tardis” , hopefully locked and sent to another dimension!

TVT Records – TVT4025-2

1The TimelordsDoctorin’ The Tardis3:34
2The TimelordsDoctorin’ The Tardis (12″)8:11
3The KLFWhat Time Is Love? (The KLF Original Version)7:06
4The TimelordsGary Joins The JAMS3:26
5The TimelordsDoctorin’ The Tardis (Instrumental)4:28

5 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Song 60 – The Timelords ‎– Doctorin’ The Tardis *updated and Polished (US CDS & 12″)”

  1. Gimmicks? GIMMICKS? ‘Tis the Mona Lisa of music, good sir! How dare thee berate such an esteemed … oh I tried, I just can’t keep a straight face.

    I do love this song though.

  2. Yep, owned this one for ages and still get a wild hair to play it on a whim… weird folks that KLF (burning all that money on some island)…

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