Benjamin Orr ‎– The Lace (US Vinyl LP)

Rock Synth from The Cars late bassist Benjamin Orzechowski. His one and only LP from 1986 as the band was breaking up.  The line-up included ; Guitar – Elliot Easton (The Cars) , Mike Landau, Keyboards – Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell’s Ex-husband and who also produced it with Orr and Mike Shipley)

Safe and tuneful, a mix of Power Ballads and rockers with plenty of synths. No filler tracks here.

Elektra ‎– 60460-1 SAM_8247

A1 Too Hot To Stop 4:18
A2 In Circles 4:32
A3 Stay The Night 4:26
A4 Skyline 4:10
A5 When You’re Gone 4:51
B1 Spinning 4:27
B2 Hold On 4:30
B3 The Lace 4:20
B4 That’s The Way 4:07
B5 This Time Around 5:10


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