Age Of Chance ‎– One Thousand Years Of Trouble (US Vinyl LP)

Debut LP from Leed’s Age Of Chance released in 1987. Produced with Howard Gray (Apollo 440) Steve Osbourne and Mark “Spike” Stent were the engineers

Loads of styles to adsorb, hip-hop, Industrial, synth pop and future Rockabilly. Plenty of daft samples, tongue was firmly in their cheeks. Vocalist Steven E gives a great impression of Johnny Rotten with his nasal sneer. Here was the line-up Steven Elvidge, (mob-orator) Geoff Taylor, (all nite bass frequencies) Neil Howson, (power-noise generator) and Jan Perry (beat dominator)

So it is a definite mix between indie rock and hip-hop, I really like the Beastie Boys influence on “Take It” and the quite polemic “Learn To Pray.”

A Ground Breaking Album.


Virgin ‎– 7 90672-1 SAM_3592

A1 We Got Trouble 3:36
A2 Don’t Get Mad… Get Even! 3:32
A3 Ready Or Not Here We Come 4:10
A4 Shut Up & Listen 2:55
A5 Hold On 2:35
B1 Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise? 2:47
B2 Take It! 4:39
B3 This Is Crush Collision 5:24
B4 Learn To Pray 6:04

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