Len ‎– Steal My Sunshine (US 2 x 12″)

Obscure band but a reasonably quality track from Canadian band Len, I’m guessing a manufactured STREET Collective.

It is that annoying track in a myriad of mixes (7!) from 1999. Fortunately mostly all don’t sound like the version in the video.

Based a sample taken from Andrea True Connection back in 1975/1976. It did make a bit of a ripple in the International charts. A crossover between Indie and Dance tune. The Skyjump Club Edit is closest to the regular track. Philip Steir (from Consolidated) adds Hip Hop beats, a real bass and vocoder on the “Steal My Club/ More And More” mixes.

London DJ / Production duo, Idjut Boys go all Deep House with added bass guitar resonating around.

Bettina Constanzo “Bougie Soliterre” goes a bit a Garage House, clap clap Handbag. Nothing like the original track.

Finally Neon Fusion gives a Broken Beat feel with jazzy, Sci-Fi psychedelia



Work ‎– OAS 42385


A1 Steal My Sunshine (Steal My Club Mix) 6:19
A2 Steal My Sunshine (Skyjump Club Edit) 7:19
B1 Steal My Sunshine (Steal My Club Mix Instrumental) 6:19
B2 Steal My Sunshine (More And More Instrumental) 6:30

Work ‎– OAS 41510


A1 Steal My Sunshine (Version Idjut) 7:51
A2 Steal My Sunshine (Bougie Soliterre Remix) 6:12
B1 Steal My Sunshine (Neon Phusion Remix) 5:24

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