Martini Ranch ‎– Reach (2 x 12″)

Novelty stuff from the late Bill Paxton (yes, him!) and Andrew Todd. Spaghetti Western and samplers galore. Released in 1988 and produced Greg Penny. The sleeve includes the message “Special Thanks To James Cameron” who did the music vid.

“Richard Cory” is very Space Rock and from the album “Holy Cow,” very chunky!

As a bonus is the single remix, that has “everything but the kitchen sink” production. I’m getting a Dead Or Alive vibe ???

Should have been a Sunday Silly Song!

Sire ‎– 0-20868


A Reach (Extended Dance Mix) 7:09
B Richard Cory (LP Version/Edit) 3:34

14 thoughts on “Martini Ranch ‎– Reach (2 x 12″)”

  1. For a minute there, Martini Ranch looked like DEVO: the Next Generation. Their first single, “How Can the Labouring Man Find Time For Self-Culture” had half of DEVO in it, playing and producing, so it was a legitimate idea at the time. This single came out two years later with the album, and was, as you say, almost a novelty item. But It was cool to see cult actor Bill Paxton doing something on a major label. We first encountered him from the very underground “Fish Heads” video in 1980, which he directed and starred in for Barnes + Barnes. Which was certainly a novelty tune.

      1. Well, I’m an encyclopedia of old music at least! Which sort of makes sense as I was reasonably well versed in the music of the Great Depression for a teenager in 1980. So extrapolating, that means that I will know all of the contemporary music of today in depth by the time I am, uh… 96.

  2. The LP not bad like this stuff posted, Devo-ish. Last time in Hollywood I actually saw this album reissued with bonus mixes on the vinyl. Now that’s smart 💡👏Then I noticed the same thing for Haysi Fantayzee a reissued vinyl album with bonus mixes. Expensive💰
    Yes Marie F. The Roxetter @61 sad to hear😭 💔💐

  3. I have the 12″ of the earlier release (“How Can the Labouring Man Find Time for Self-Culture?”) but didn’t know about this one. Thank you. The album Holy Cow has been re-released (check out but sadly does not contain a complete set of bonus tracks.

  4. Was “Hot Dog” ever released as a single? There’s an awesome extended version on one of the Sire “Just Say” compilations

    1. As as far as I know, NO! Just checked the reissue of Holy Cow from 2017 and nothing on that either. Just on that Comp, which I have. Good Stuff!!

    1. Mr. M.C.
      Do not think I have a ready version to share. I have the Vinyl LP and if you can wait a bit I’ll find it and rip it then I’ll toss in a FLAC version (If people would like it?). Here (On This Post) with a zippyshare link to take the load off Djjedredy on this Mighty Fine Blog!!
      Will this work for you Sir?

      1. Thank you, Mike B. I think it’s a pretty good album.

        So the only things missing from that “Redux” LP are the remixes? All B-sides accounted for?

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