Viva Lula ‎– Dad Sings The Blues (12″)


Art house UK New Wave stuff from the mysterious Viva Lula, released in July 1983.

From Wiki

Uropa Lula were a British pop group, consisting of David Lloyd (vocals and guitar), Allan Dias (bass guitar), Pete Fromm (keyboards), Andrew Edge (drums/percussion), Chester Kamen (guitar), and Carol Isaacs (keyboards). The group were managed by Hilde Swendgaard. The group signed a recording contract with Arista Records in 1982. This was a name change by the group who had toured extensively and at the time were opening for Big Country and their final single.

Pop Funk with some very strange vocals from David Lloyd, a bit Mighty Wah! in places with plenty Overdubs. It features Pepsi (from the duo Pepsi And Shirley) on backing vocals

A great lost 80’s song, enjoy !

B-side “Surely There Must Be Some Mistake” is a Waltz time instrumental with taped samples and a drum machines.

Arista ‎– ARIST 12540


A Dad Sings The Blues (Extended Mix)
B1 Dad Sings The Blues (Stutter Mix)
B2 Surely There Must Be Some Mistake

2 thoughts on “Viva Lula ‎– Dad Sings The Blues (12″)”

  1. Vwery obscure. Never heard of ’em before. Always wondered what Allan Dias did before his stint in PIL.

    The name change after the second single is a bit odd. Still rather too vague sounding name for a band in my opinion.

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