Various ‎– Class-X – Volume Ten (CD Rip)

Sealed with large print “For promotional use only! Not for commercial sale!” Razormaid always delivered that unique mix (and sometimes it was endorsed by the band too)

I’m only going to deal with the bands that I’m not familiar with although the mixes of the more well known tracks are excellent, particularly “Nowhere Girl” and “Is It A Dream?” – which is given more of a dance feel rather than the Glam Rock flavour of the original. Perfect Zebras sound very New Romantic on their track and the original was released in 1982. Spandau Ballet-like in the vocal department by Alan Jarry. Dubby effects and quite moody.The line-up included Ex-Secret Affair bassist Dennis Smith (who went onto work with Nik Kershaw) Terry Stephens provided the saxophone with Paul Robertson adding some chugging guitars. A band to keep an eye out for.

The Mood are a little bit more commercial sounding. The 7″ I have already and has been re-upped over here.

Great bass playing and tinged with Pop Funk. Another great ,alternative 80’s cut.

Steve Hillage’s track is quite different , as you’d expect there are some Prog elements on this 1983 release, one of his last single releases.

London band, Zeitgeist released “Stop” in 1982, plenty of cowbell and precussion, a bit Shriekback in style and original produced by Dale Stephens and Overend  Watts (Mott The Hoople) The line-up was Peter Jervis, (Vocals) Zaz Arnold, (Vocals) Corin Arnold, (Guitar} Gary Small (Bass) and Harry (Drums) They were on Paul Weller’s Jamming Records.

Lovely Previn was in fact conductor and composer André Previn and jazz singer Betty Bennett, daughter Alicia Previn – who was also an accomplished violinist. “The Wasted Love” has a Indie feel to it, a catchy riff and almost an American New Wave feel to it.



1 Bill Nelson Flaming Desire 5:51
2 Pete Shelley Many A Time 6:29
3 Perfect Zebras Touching My Heart Again 6:04
4 The Mood Passion In Dark Rooms 6:04
5 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf 6:04
6 China Crisis Scream Down At Me 5:08
7 Siouxsie & The Banshees Slowdive 5:41
8 Steve Hillage Kamikaze Eyes 6:24
9 Classix Nouveaux Is It A Dream? 6:03
10 Zeitgeist Stop 5:54
11 Lovely Previn The Wasted Love 6:54
12 B-Movie Nowhere Girl 6:20

12 thoughts on “Various ‎– Class-X – Volume Ten (CD Rip)”

  1. I love Razormaid too. Is this the CDr? On what equipment did you rip it? Did you encounter any problems? 10-15 years ago I bought some complete sets on CDr directly from Razormaid, but some/most of them would not play/rip all the way through. On none of the players I have tried. I have the complete library now, but still…

    1. Yes! I went through 2 of these Volumes first one was terrible, 2nd – Better ! Even on both it would slight jump or skip on last track. It was the rip to the CD from the Razormaid Company (maybe previous ownership’s?). Excellent Musicus! If you have some other volumes, maybe you can share back a couple editions or volumes if it is other than Class X (This Page/Post) or earlier than Volume Ten.
      So I just uploaded it into the computer and went from there, works better!!! Make sure your CD Player /Reader plays perfectly.

  2. Mike, I have the CDs in storage, and my storage locker is completely stuffed, I’ll look for them the next time I’m there. As I said though, I have the whole library digitally, in lossless even. It contains everything Razormaid has ever released, on vinyl and CD, every single version, 5700+ tracks. With artwork.
    I would not be comfortable sharing too much of it though, at least not publicly, as it is easily available from Joseph Watt himself here: . Trustworthy and fast. For around USD 500 incl. harddrive I believe. It’s a lot of money of course, but for what you get and what has gone into producing the music and the library itself, it’s more than fair I think. But I can share some of it of course, do you have any requests?

    1. That is massive 😃 👌 So I think since this Djjedredys blog maybe ask Him for some picks, if he has any, sure you’ll be ok with it. That is a huge collection and gave you listened to all those mixes??
      My choice I’ll have about 2-4 for you. So this Class X series you do have up to 19 Vols available ?
      Agree on sharing it all publicly💯
      500USD If still available is a good deal👌👍😃
      I am kit a Facebook or Twitter fan at all employers and other people take things the wrong way or think the worst. I’ll get back but give Djjedredy a shot first if his choice is what I’m after then that will be it.
      How are the JMJ remixes on those volumes??
      MUSICUS I really appreciate thank you for your time and effort if you are able to do this, thank you very much👍👏🙏👌😃

      1. Well how do I get in touch with the master of the blog? Could not find any email. No, not listened to all, not even close. But hopefully I’ll have a few more years 😀
        Well, it’s not quite that simple… I see 23 volumes of the Class X series. Probably only on CDr. Vol. 17 comes in two versions, one regular and one “Continuous Chant Edition” where the tracks are mixed/sequed together. The three first volumes at least seem to differ from the original CD releases, I believe not all tracks fit on the CDrs, as was the case for some of the other series as well. And some tracks have been substituted. Then you have 7 vinyl volumes, where the track list differs completely from the CD&CDr counterparts.

      2. Hi Musicus, can’t believe you’ve got so much stuff by razormaid. It’ll be a bit steep (and cheeky) to ask for a few uploads so it might be requests from the followers. I wouldn’t know where to start tbh

      3. So I was looking at this site for Volume references
        ClassX series. Where I got this one from. Do you have most of these or can I give you the Volume/Edition No’s then you can match them up the best you can with other volumes. The other alternative may be to pick from Discogs if these do not match. Glad you got a hold of Djjedredy 👍😃👏

  3. Yeah Mike, I bought my CDrs via that site. It’s the official Razormaid site. At least it was, as it’s not being updated anymore as far as I can see. I have all the 23 Class X on CDr, but as I said in storage, not easily accessible. And probably not “ripable” either, at least not on my equipment. I expect the ones in the library to be the same, but I have not checked.
    So what volumes did you want?

    1. The site just stays fixed, all looks and no action.
      So if you can, any of these, if possible!! Also once you get to the collection let me know what is intact and transferable. Thanks again and Happy Holidays – No Rush!!
      Keep me updated and in the loop – links below so you know exactly which ones. Appreciate your efforts!!

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