Prince & The Revolution ‎– Pop Life (US 12″)

Bring out the big one towards the end ! (Also thanks Retrohound for being arsed liking the Posts!)

An essential 12″ from Prince remixed by Sheila E, plenty of synths and pristine sound for 1985, he was truly a master of the studio. The original appears on the LP “Around The World In A Day” The Dance Mixes are very different. “Pop Life” gains more piano

Paisley Park ‎– 9 20357-0 A popp

A Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix) 6:16
B Hello (Fresh Dance Mix) 6:38

4 thoughts on “Prince & The Revolution ‎– Pop Life (US 12″)”

  1. I have an interesting connection to the b-side, Hello, is about an incident in West Hollywood following the 1985 American Music Awards when Prince chose to party after the awards rather than attend the recording of We Are The World for Ethiopian Famine Relief…I was the photographer referred to in the second verse –
    I was sittin’ pretty with a beautiful friend (“oh, darling”)
    When this man tries to get in the car (“‘ey Prince, c’mon, give us a smile, eh?”)
    No introduction, “how you been?”
    Just “up yours, smile, that’s right, you’re a star!” (star) –
    for my part, I only ever stuck my hand and camera into the open door of the car and was then physically assaulted, along with 2 other photographers by his bodyguards – referred to in the 3rd verse…

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