Duran Duran ‎– Burning The Ground / Decadance (US 12″)

When the band does their own Jive Bunny megamix before someone else does!

From 1989 and supporting the compilation album “Decade” but was not on the album.  It was created by producer John Jones, Christopher Marc Potter and sample master Dee Long mixing snippets of the band’s biggest hits from the previous decade into a new piece of music. What you get is a bit of a disjointed track.

“Decadance” is more of a mix collage done by Ben Chapman and Raine Shine. Giving it a Balearic makeover, using Save A Prayer  / Girls On Film as its base. Groans all over the extended version which adds some “Tour De France” into the mix. I bet the fans hated this release.



Capitol Records ‎– V-15546 dec

A1 Burning The Ground 4:00
B1 Decadance (Extended Mix) 7:57
B2 Decadance 3:29

3 thoughts on “Duran Duran ‎– Burning The Ground / Decadance (US 12″)”

  1. A site I was using a reference trying not to duplicate when I started sharing the vinyl then last I just gave up. One good share deserves another share on another fantastic blog!! I’m surprised this guy hasn’t been notified by the copyright police!!! ©️👮🤔

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