The Explorers – Venus De Milo (Longer Than Louvre Mix) / Another Lost Soul On The Run (12″)

The Explorers were a short lived side project of Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera who teamed up with vocalist James Wraith. Released in 1985 and off their only album, the self titled “Explorers” this was the fourth single.

Okay, I thought. this is going to sound like Roxy Music but I didn’t expect to sound THAT much like them! Produced with Keith Bessey at Strawberry Studio’s , Stockport. It’s a good 12″ version with plenty of added drums.

“Another Lost Soul On The Run” is quite atmospheric, funky bass, synths and some great Manzanera, Wraith does sound uncanny like Andy Bell on here.


Virgin ‎– VS 779-12 venus

A Venus De Milo (Longer Than Louvre Mix)
B Another Lost Soul On The Run

6 thoughts on “The Explorers – Venus De Milo (Longer Than Louvre Mix) / Another Lost Soul On The Run (12″)”

  1. I bought the Explorers D in 1985 and was sucked into it as I felt that it was like an parallel universe Roxy Music greatest Hits album. James Wraith hits as close to the mark as anyone I’ve ever heard try to sing like Bryan Ferry. And brother, I’ve heard a LOT of people try. “Venus De Milo” was a song with all of the cheeky fun that a track like “Do The Strand” once trafficked in before Roxy Music got less playful.

  2. Never knew they branched off from Roxy Music. Thanks for the info, you learn something new everyday.
    Thanks Djjedredy I’ll have check the 12″ out.
    Now If I recall I do remember seeing The Explorers somewhere maybe the vinyl LP of theirs or promo something, or even another 12″ maybe. Anyway much appreciated👍😃

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