Book Of Love ‎– You Make Me Feel So Good (US 12″)

Copyright Police , Fuck em!

All the kind messages of support needs this song to cheer everyone up.

Onwards with this dose of synthpop from American synthpop band Book Of Love, released only in the US in 1986 – so someone from Europe probably gets to hear it for the first time today and goes and purchases the entire back catalogue – that’s why I don’t put albums up. Promote new/old stuff who’d a thought!

The group were from Philadelphia and a mostly all female quartet comprising of Jade Lee, Lauren Roselli, Susan Ottaviano, Ted Ottaviano (no relation) They got to be support for Depeche Mode on the “Black Celebration” tour (in the UK we had Hardcorps)

Gentle pop with some nice early samplers doing  “Ooooh’s” and “Aaaaah” sounds. Remixed by Ivan Ivan and Jellybean (Now there’s a wrestling tag team if I ever heard one!)

Mark Kamins remixes “Lost Souls” giving it an oriental shine, the song being a bit darker almost Goth in the style.

A nice little bonus is the Daniel Miller mix of previous hit “I Touch Roses”, I have heard the original bit Miller turns the synths up to 11 on his remix and the drums are suitably HUGE a nice, malfunctioned ending too !


Sire ‎– 9 20474-0 A SAM_5047

A1 You Make Me Feel So Good (Flutter Mix) 6:01
A2 Lost Souls (Spirited Mix) 6:46
B1 I Touch Roses (Full Bloom Version) 5:35
B2 You Make Me Feel So Good (Dub Mix) 3:58

11 thoughts on “Book Of Love ‎– You Make Me Feel So Good (US 12″)”

  1. I’m very happy to see you are back in the game. Just a tip for you. Instead of putting the artist name in the file. Use abbreviations and even numbers. Cheers

      1. Surprised you haven’t submitted earlier. About time😃 So how is vinyl hunting going over there?
        I just have so much and unfortunately the last batches not too much rare and more common stuff. Maybe some may appreciate!!
        Solid Hokd stuff looking forward to it!! Ton more to come (Aussie Stuff 1st). Keep the blog safe🔒

  2. American synthpop that I had the pleasure of seeing live once or twice even in backward Orlando, Florida. I always liked the dusky vocals of Susan Ottaviano. They made what I like to call “children’s music for adults.”

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