ABC – Vanity Kills (The Mendelsohn Mix) (12″)

New to my ears and a minor release from ABC from 1985.

Julian Mendelsohn gives it a funkier bass and lighter chords, it still sounds amazing for the time. Tightly produced and the height of sampling.

Bolstered by the larger Hit “Be Near Me” with the sparse “Ecstasy Mix”, nice bass but really too sparse and spaced out, the snare could cause a headache, designed for a huge Club sound system. 

A small bonus is the very weird “Judy’s Jewels”, random lyrics over a rhythm track.

Here is the link to the US Mix and I’ll have to dig out the regular 12″ which I have. (Sorry before the Workload purge)

Neutron Records ‎– NTX 109 SAM_6699

A Vanity Kills (The Mendelsohn Mix) 6:13
B1 Be Near Me (Ecstasy Mix) 4:45
B2 Judy’s Jewels 1:59

2 thoughts on “ABC – Vanity Kills (The Mendelsohn Mix) (12″)”

  1. Two great remixes not on CD, If I’m correct. And I’m not. It’s on a Blank + Jones So80s volume. And “Judy’s Jewels” did not have random lyrics. Judy was an artist [Kensington Market?] who made jewelry out of the industrial materials listed in the song. The song was an homage to her work. I think I read about her in I-D Magazine around the time of the single. Or was it The Face? They all blended together.

  2. The Vanity Kills Mix and Judy’s Jewles were both on the 2005 re-issue of the parent album as bonus tracks. Before that Judy’s Jewels was on a Pickwick cd simply named ”2” (1 and 2 were notable for the first appearance of all four tracks of the Look of Love single 12” on cd (1992)). The Ecstasy mix is the tough one to find on cd. It is, as the blogger stated, not a very good mix. There’s some home made mixes out made that marry What’s Your Destination and the album version of Be Near Me to good effect, most notably the one done by Dreamtime (I’ve also taken a crack at it).

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