Am I a Pirate ? A Copyright Thief ?


So the email I received from workload confirms my fears, they’ve deleted about 26 Gigs of files with the following message 10:58 (6 hours ago) to me

Hello Jon G, thank you for your request. We’ve detected copyrighted files. We’ve deleted them and reported it to authorities. Please stop sharing copyrighted material. Yours sincerely, Anna Ruth

Polite and too the point, blunt even.

Will I be expecting a knock at my Cyber-door ?

Many many thanks for the supportive messages. I’m not out to make profit just to make people smile and think “I’ve not heard that for ages. I’ll have a listen. Oh, it’s a bit crackly, must be from the original vinyl, I know I’ll download a pristine MP3 from a music store or buy the re -mastered box set that’s it’s on at a £100, it was that good!”

But , no , the popularity of this place has been it’s undoing. (again)

From Wiki

A report from 2013, released by the European Commission Joint Research Centre suggests that illegal music downloads have almost no effect on the number of legal music downloads. The study analyzed the behavior of 16,000 European music consumers and found that although music piracy negatively affects offline music sales, illegal music downloads had a positive effect on legal music purchases. Without illegal downloading, legal purchases were about two percent lower.

Mmmm, Must be the box set compilers jealous of vinyl music collectors who have rare gems

First Zippyshare got blocked in the UK, next Mega.NZ didn’t like the stuff and blocked me. Now, workupload with out any warning. Worrying times.

Mediashare is still alive, I have 10 Gig of space to play with which is currently 99.5 % full. Not a way to run a blog this size.

Some suggestions before I get that knock on the door ?

17 thoughts on “Am I a Pirate ? A Copyright Thief ?”

  1. Straight answer – NO!! Now why would they wait so long after so many uses to report this?? This really shouldn’t be any of their business. A hobby with no sale to anybody AT ALL, maybe bringing stuff to light. An interest which may have others go a d buy the original or more of what is shared. If you were to pay for a domain, the thought alone after subscribing to find out of a potential shutdown of account and losing money on a fee could be a waste.
    Yet another free host may help with longer DL times.
    Anna should have warned you and not even notified anybody, at least out of customer service and respect a warning. Options mmmm, good one!! Still thinking, 🤔🤞💡

  2. Well, I have zero interest in downloading any music from the web. CDs are my thing, so I come here to see what you have to say about the tracks and comment if it moves me. I’ve never downloaded anything from this blog. If you stop offering downloads, I’ll still keep reading what you have to say.

  3. You shouldn’t give up. That shit happens to everyone it’s part of the game. Workupload is small not-well-known and shitty place. They should’ve at least warn you. If they’re not – just fuck them. No problem. And of course there won’t be no knock on your door. Zippyshare and Mediafire are still the good choices among otherrs. Even Mega too (you can make new account)

  4. And btw Workupload shouldn’t notify noone. They can delete files but it’s not their duty to snitch. Seems like this stupid cunt Anna was doing on her own so…

  5. And one more thought as possible solution. Some bloggers and facebook groups just don’t give their files the full names so in this case they’re hard to track down

    1. James, you nailed it. I liked your comments (even to Postpunkmonk).
      and I think the same, I believe they didn’t report anything, it is just to intimidate you from posting more “copyrighted” materials. F*** them!

      However, I believe torrents are the best solution for this.

      1. @djjedredy
        Seriously, on rare occasions, it takes a while, but I use it all the time, mostly for movies and it’s faster than any file hoster out there, for 1.5 GB movies it takes under 5 min. max.
        I think you should give it a try, you got nothing to lose 🙂

      2. …And another thing, you should only upload password-protected files, so no one can tell what kind of files you are uploading especially the file host service.

  6. This is some bullshit……. Most of these tunes you post you can’t buy, Unless you buy the album but you won’t get half the mixes that are 12″ Only!! Maybe start a blog that’s private? Would that make it any easier?


  7. Yes, don’t give up!
    They are the thieves, of our data, preferences…
    We are Lovers of music.
    As bagging area already said: google drive.
    Or VK.

  8. Workupload is getting weird. I’ve heard about this happening to other people. I doubt you’ll get a knock on your door. Just a scare tactic. I’m hoping you continue as there are other sites to use like Google Drive ,Mega etc. Please keep up the good fight friend.

  9. As I believe Workupload is hosting from Frankfurt, Germany I still see most of the hosting companies are not much in the USA. Google I think is in US (Not Sure). It has you wonder👀🤔.

    All this time and effort and fun with vinyl, then it may be gone. If this were true. Then all other blogs and share sites should be on the list for takedown. Stay positive maybe avoid Workupload and use other hosts. Some other hosts may take longer to DL. Then you also have pop-ups. If someone wants something they will deal with it!! As I have in the past. Think positive💡👍

  10. It’s a sad truth but this happens to most bloggers at some point & I can understand why they quit. It’s all well & good me saying you do a great job (which you do), keep it up, but it isn’t me in the firing line.

    Obviously you have continued but I was never sure why you stopped with Zippyshare. A simple free browser VPN allows the restrictions in the UK to be bypassed.

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