15 thoughts on “It gets worse !!!”

  1. WTF – You Have To Be Kidding!!
    How did this happen, Workupload blocked you or everything just expired?
    What a bunch of B.S.

  2. I never had the US 12″ in spite of being American. I bought the UK 12″ as an import many months before the “Big Chair” album dropped. Was it in fact my first Tears For Fears purchase? I believe…so. I loved “Mother’s Talk,” but what really stuck in my mind was the photo of the guys on the cover. Look at Roland’s leg! It’s unbelievably spindly and thin! Like he’s got broomsticks for legs! What was up with that?

  3. Well Pooh, lot of file sites are getting hammered lately… O.L. got took down in big fashion other day. Really would hate to see ya go, I had you bookmarked first in places to check daily. With the movie places getting shut down lately, I found I had a lot more time to check music too… but I can’t imagine the frustration of having such time devoted to this site and seeing it vaporize. But man you were a treasure cove of new/old music finds.

  4. Sorry to hear. I can imagine how frustrating it must be! Hang in there.If you do stop, at least you can think of the joy you have brought! Cheers!

  5. Your work life balance is going haywire. Not only are you awesomely sharing impossible to find mixes, but now you’re going to be hunting down the fools at WorkUpload and murdering them as payback.

    I hope my inane comment makes you smile. Sucky news, indeed.

    Take time for yourself and know u are appreciated and (dare I get mushy?) loved!

  6. Hi there, this is really fucking awful news. I’m so sorry. Your sterling work here at Vinyl Dreams, your time, effort, dedication and kindness, in offering up so much excellent music, has been a joy. I’m gutted for you, and its my sincerest hope that you get back the files from wherever the fuck they are, and that this site continues to continue. That said, I fully understand and respect that you may no longer feel that it can. Like so many here, your site is bookmarked by me for a daily visit. Your weekly re-upping of material always most anticipated. It’ll be a great shame to see you go. My fingers are crossed that this all works out positively. Cheers M

  7. Hang in there brother! I know it’s a bump in the road but don’t let it destroy something AMAZING you have going here. There are other options: Mediafire still works, you could always take your blog private and do fundraisers, or get on wordpress, etc. I guarantee you if you start fundraising your LOYAL, DEDICATED followers, myself included, will be more than happy to help you out and keep this blog very much alive. I’ve seen this frustration happen with other blogs, but believe me, you don’t want to end so unceremoniously something so special that you have. At the VERY least, I’m sure others would be interested in carrying the torch if you do decide to bow out. Hmmm, perhaps with Retro Hound at the controls….

  8. Take a break, have a good time and come back next year if you wish, because your blog is a supreme resource in any style of music. I thank you for making us discover many things

  9. Oh no what a disaster! Has it come to this? surely not. A very unique place for eclectic yester year scratchy vinyl and forgotten gems here, which would be greatly missed….. take a break and see how you feel.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about this! I went to download an older song and saw it was no longer there, and was about to request a re-up and saw your note. The only thing I can suggest is to possibly only put up versions which don’t appear in print at all? Or to possibly use an intermediary like share-links.biz to not show all the links?

    You’ve done a great service by saving so many out of print 12″ songs, this is terrible.

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