Freur ‎– The Devil And Darkness (12″)

Synth folk with more than an essence of XTC. From Freur’s second album, “Get Us Out Of Here”, quirky and not very frightening but very hard to find. Karl Hyde and Rick Smith were joined by fellow Underworld members, Alfie Thomas, Bryan Burrows and John Warwicker (now an art designer) All lovingly produced with John Hudson on this October 1984 release. Mad lyrics in a “Wickerman” style from a very original sounding band.

“Jazz Is Kng?” is much more experimental, samples and dub blend well over Hyde’s echoey vocal. A slow, atmospheric track with random jazzy piano and a repetitive bass synth.


CBS ‎– TX 4726 devil

A The Devil And Darkness (Kevin Whyte Mix)
B Jazz Is King (?)

3 thoughts on “Freur ‎– The Devil And Darkness (12″)”

  1. I am obsessed with Freur!! But with each release they lose a little mojo for me. “Get Us Out of Here” was a big surprise, once I got a copy in the last 20 years. [It was a tough one to get] I admired the changes for what they were, and yeah, it did seem very XTCish [no bad thing], but the B-sides were still whacked out mayhem, at least. The long “Jazz Is King” was unique. I only warmed up to Underworld Mk I in the late 90s when I was bored out of my skull and considered lowering my standards. Similarly, I finally started listening to Underworld Mk II in this decade! It’s fine. Great, for what it was! Neither Underworld is worth the devotion I carry for Freur, though.

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