That bloody WordPress App…

Had posts ready to go up today so regulars could check the daily duo. Posted using the phone app and they got posted when I originally did them last week! Hidden away days ago. Any tips from fellow bloggers to make them appear as the newest post ?

6 thoughts on “That bloody WordPress App…”

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  2. IHave you set the new posts to “sticky”? This will ensure they appear at the top of the blog when people visit your page. Setting to sticky can’t be done from the main phone app (I’m speaking of Android, not sure on IOS) but is possible (on the app,choose View Admin at the bottom of the page, bring up the menu hamburger on the top left hand side, chose “Posts” then “All Posts”, click “Quick Edit” and just below the status (Published / Draft) there’s a tick box for “Make this post sticky”. Try this on a couple of posts and see if it makes any difference.

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