Scritti Politti ‎– Perfect Way (US Promo & Regular 12″)

An omission and certainly a Hit!!! (Number 11 in the US but only reached Number 48 in the UK ??)

From the fabulous “Cupid And Psyche 85” LP these are different versions with Alan Meyerson, Francois Kevorkian and Josh Abbey all teaming up on the main track as the “Way Perfect Mix” playing around with the bassline and cutting up the track.

The other version is the dub mix

The simplicity of the track shows on the longer and definite “Way Perfect Mix”, a genius of drum programming and pop hooks, Miles Davis covered it a year later.

Warner Bros. Records ‎– 0-20362  SAM_4206

A Perfect Way (Way Perfect Mix) 5:26
B Perfect Way (Way Perfect Version) 5:01


Warner Bros. Records ‎– PRO-A-2357 perfecto

A Perfect Way (Way Perfect Mix) 7:27
B Perfect Way (Single Version) 4:02

3 thoughts on “Scritti Politti ‎– Perfect Way (US Promo & Regular 12″)”

  1. I have every conceivable mix of “Perfect Way” and the longer it is, the better it gets, so the WLP “Way Perfect Mix” was the one to beat! I can’t believe that the UK failed to give that single the love it deserved. On the other hand, the fact that it managed to fly almost into the US Top 10 is an equally hard-to-believe proposition. America had awful taste by the middle of the 80s.

  2. Buenas Tardes,.. Felicito,.. a los integrantes de esta pagina,.. Excelente,.. Que posibilidades existen en postear en otro maxis de Scritti Politti – Perfect Way,.. La caratula es blanca,.. el Remix Que Aparece en el, Tambien es excelente,.. Gracias,..

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