Heaven 17 ‎– Trouble (US Promo 12″)

Again not a massive hit (51 in the UK chart!!) at all but I just fancied but it up 🙂 (Everyone loves a bit of rare Heaven 17!)

Bruce Forest remixes this track this final single from “Pleasure One” gettng a late release – 1987. The sound of Heaven 17 – the band. The amazing bass from Phil Spalding, the real and programmed percussion from Preston Heyman and the rocky guitar of Tim Cansfield.

The A-side starts a bit like “Crushed By The Wheels” with some bright synths and that great bass playing.

The B-side really motors along building up but keeping the backing quite sparse with just a sprinkling of Ware’s keyboards, a very under-rated H17 track.

Now to get that bloody double pack re-ripped!!!



Virgin ‎– DMD 1049 folder

A Trouble (At Mill Mix) 6:42
B (Big) Trouble (Vocal) 5:49

5 thoughts on “Heaven 17 ‎– Trouble (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Love the tip of the hat to Monty Python in the remix title.

    Trouble at the mill.
    Oh no, what kind of trouble?
    I don’t know, was just told to come in and say ‘trouble at mill’. I didn’t expect a kind of spanish inquisition.
    NObody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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