Kim Wilde ‎– Rage To Love (12″)

By 1984 Kim Wilde had tried most musical genres, New Wave, synthpop, Rock & Roll, Power Ballad. Under the watchful eye of her Dad , Marty Wilde and helped along by her guitarist, Producer / brother Ricky Wilde. It has a feel of the Stray Cats via Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” with added samplers!!! Certainly toe-tapping but not a massive Hit (Top 20 in the UK….Sorry Guys I did promise)

The third single from her album”Teases and Dares”

Supplemented by the US remix of previous hit “Second Time” by Jay Burnett and Mark Kamins a slight edit to the original US 12″ mix. Synth Pop Kim.

Additionally the original B-side was a cover of a Yardbirds hit from 1965.

MCA Records ‎– KIMT 3 kimmm

A Rage To Love (Extended Version) 6:00
B1 The Second Time (U.S. Remix) 5:28
B2 Putty In Your Hands 3:09

5 thoughts on “Kim Wilde ‎– Rage To Love (12″)”

  1. I never really “got” Kim Wilde. Early on I only sort of liked “Chequered Love” but everyone was going gaga for the dull “Kids In America.” [fast forward 32 years] I finally heard something of hers to love when she guested on the 3rd B.E.F. album performing a fantastic Stevie Wonder cover [“Every Time I See You I Go Wild”] that was just her and a vintage modular synth.

  2. What I don’t understand is how a song combining the addictive bass of rockabilly and the Lets Go Crazy jingley bop-bop can be so dull. Bless you Kim, but this one just doesn’t work.

  3. Fairly shameless Stray Cats ripoff, poppified a bit. I loved Kim (her looks mostly) as a teen in the 80’s, so no negative comments from me. Did you know she had a popular gardening show in the UK not too too long ago?

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