Depeche Mode ‎– Strangelove (Promo 12″)


The famous DANCE BONG 13 for your perusal in both MP3 and FLAC, from Mike B who managed to get a copy but does not own the vinyl which can demand a three figure sum!!

It weird with all the reissues and box sets that stuff can still get left off. The reason this was not included was not because of Daniel Miller’s excellent “Blind Mix” but because of Phil Harding’s “The Fresh Ground Mix” which samples Cameo’s “Word Up” and never got clearance.

The Blind Mix uses slightly different percussion and has a harder edge to it, especially the start.

The Harding mix is slightly different using layered beats and a duel bass sound. Cameo rap over the top of Martin’s guitar riff in places, (well for a few seconds) more annoying than innovative.

It’s over 500 meg’s – a reason I try not to do much FLAC uploads!!


mp3 (only)

Mute ‎– DANCE BONG 13 side-A

A Strangelove (Blind Mix) 6:37
B Strangelove (The Fresh Ground Mix) 8:07

3 thoughts on “Depeche Mode ‎– Strangelove (Promo 12″)”

  1. Thank you for this – I’ve been looking for this for a long time in FLAC, so your time uploading it is appreciated!

    If you haven’t read Richard Blade’s book World Through My Eyes, the part on his relationship with Terri from Berlin is gripping, he knows he’ll come off terrible and still writes it, so props for that.

  2. Been awhile, getting back into the blogosphere. Could you please reup this when you have a chance? Missed it the first time around. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

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