Swing Out Sister ‎– Breakout (US 12″)

Pure pop then this week !

From Manchester and from 1987 with this massive Hit from Swing Out Sister. Made up of Andy Connell (keyboards and member of A Certain Ratio), singer Corinne Drewery and drummer Martin Jackson (The Chameleons, Magazine)

The “N.A.D.” mix is suitably outthere, done by Paul Staveley O’Duffy. Mix of the Month without a doubt.

The “New Rockin'” mix is an interesting, breaking into the song after an extended build up. The US version gets a remix by Michael Hutchinson that builds up his “Carnival” mix into a little gem.

Here is the link to the UK 12″ with different tracks, re-upped of course.




Mercury ‎– 888 836 swing

A1 Breakout (N.A.D. Mix) 6:59
B1 Breakout (New Rockin’ Mix) 5:50
B2 Breakout (Carnival MIx) 5:48

2 thoughts on “Swing Out Sister ‎– Breakout (US 12″)”

  1. Lots of love for S.O.S.! I remember reading about them in some UK music paper when “Breakout” became a hit and I was on it like white on rice. They were the poster children for the New Wave of British Jazz Pop®, as I refer to that mid-80s period. The debut album got heavy play from me all year and while the reliance on synths ebbed as they could afford actual orchestras and musicians, the purity of the music never faltered. They mined that Jimmy Webb seam, but hard! Even getting Webb himself to arrange tracks on their even better sophomore album.

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