Howard Jones ‎– Look Mama (Megamamamix) (12″)

The other 12″ of this 1985 release from Howard Jones (They are unfortunately the same mix with different covers or are they??? I’ll have to check.) I’m still not that keen on this synth rock tune mixed by Stephen W. Tayler and Rupert Hine. Lots of synth as you’d expect and all very Rick Wakeman in places.

B-side includes a bonus live version of the title track of his second LP “Dream Into Action” – accompanied by thousands of screaming girls it quite a funky work out

“Learning How To Love” is a quality B-side with an angry bass and saxophone synth solo.

Link to other 12″

WEA ‎– HOW 7(TE) SAM_1489

A Look Mama (Megamamamix) 9:15
B1 Learning How To Love 5:20
B2 Dream Into Action (Live) 4:44

2 thoughts on “Howard Jones ‎– Look Mama (Megamamamix) (12″)”

  1. Well, what do you expect? HoJo was a Prog guy who followed the marketplace to pop. I can’t say I’ve ever liked his music much. In the end, I only rate Godley + Creme’s brilliant video for “Life In One Day.” Afrodiziak’s BVs were quite good on that one. What’s worse, is that I’m a huge fan of Rupert Hine… but not his productions. Almost all of the bands he produced were non-starters for me. And that his productions were much more successful than his own fine albums meant that he was disinclined to record too much himself after a certain point. Sigh.

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