Cosmetic ‎– Get Ready / Put It On (US 12″)



Disco cover of the Smokey Robinson penned 1966 Temptations classic done by US Jazz/Funk quartet, Cosmetic. (Anthony McClary – Drums, Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Bass, Rick Martinez – keyboards and  Timothy Murphy – Guitar) With Veronica Johnson adding vocals and some trumpet by Greg Allen, this was their debut release from 1982.

B-side “Put It On” is a twisted, Ska-instrumental with some added Korg synth by Bill Breker. A great hidden gem, Police like in places and quirky all over.

Gramavision ‎– GR 1202folder

A Get Ready 5:27
B Put It On 5:56

Lipps, Inc. / Giorgio Moroder ‎– Funkytown / The Chase (US 12″)

Disco weekend with this re-issue from 1989 of these two late ’70’s classics on the Casablanca TimePieces series.

Lipps, Inc. released this classic in 1979. Steven Greenberg adding an early Oberheim synth to the real drums, guitar and strings. There is that distinct vocoder and the catchy synth hooks. Love the original.

Harold Faltermeyer joins Moroder on this 13 minute classic from 1978. Originally from the Academy Award-winning soundtrack and album “Midnight Express.” It is a timeless classic in it’s original form. Hugely influential, I’ll let the track speak fro itself.

Casablanca ‎– 874 123-1 SAM_2102

A Lipps, Inc. Funkytown 7:18
B Giorgio Moroder The Chase 13:06

Re-uppage 87 (New Order, Michael McDonald, Immaculate Fools, Simple Minds, Late 80’s Oz Stuff, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Red Flag, Frazier Chorus x 2)

My favourite part of the week….not!

New Order – Blue Monday 1988 (12″) For Jhonny (what an unusually splendid name)


Michael McDonald ‎– All We Got (It’s Not Enough, Never Enough) (12″) For rick (from the original bearded hipster)









Immaculate Fools – Tragic Comedy (12″) for MATT (Still a favourite)









Simple Minds – Promised You A Miracle (US 12″) For MATT









Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 6 (late ’80s) For Cj swift A.K.A. Carlos Torero

Includes ; Hunters And Collectors

Tim Finn




Max Q

Midnight Oil

Big Pig


Siouxsie And The Banshees – Rare Twelve Inch Collection (Double Pack 12″) For Wellerstellar (this holds the record for the most downloads ever)









Red Flag – If I Ever (US 12″ Promo) For Jhonny











Frazier Chorus ‎– Sloppy Heart (12″) For Gabby (hopefully fulfilled your Frazier kick)









Frazier Chorus ‎– Nothing (US Promo 12″) For Gabby



Hanover Fist ‎– The Tyger (US 12″)

As usual no band pics or even a Youtube clip, that is how obscure we get on here.

The debut release from Minneapolis synth duo Hanover Fist from 1985. Guitars and synths mix together on this rare bit of wax, synth rock. Produced and mixed with Roy Freedom and Steve Fjelstad. The Purr Version is the instrumental /dub version. The longer version is a little bloated and overlong, lyrics are a bit shite too. Industrial – lite.


Wide Angle ‎– TTW 8549SAM_3316

A The Tyger 6:00
B1 The Tyger (Purr Version) 5:14
B2 The Tyger 3:48

The Questions – A Collection Of Twelves.

Very rarely do Mike B and myself duplicate in terms of vinyls. We did regarding a band called to The Questions, not a bad band to duplicate it seems.

The Questions ‎– Price You Pay (12″)

From ’83 and rawer sounding band, lots of Latin percussion in the rhythm section, a harder cousin of Haircut 100 . The instrumental is more of a dub version with the brass peeling out like Church bells.

“Groove Line” is piece of bass dominated funk, New Wave sounding crossover via Stax Soul with all the “Woop – Woop”

Respond Records ‎– KOBX 702 SAM_4852

A Price You Pay
B1 Price You Pay (Instrumental)
B2 The Groove Line

The Questions ‎– Building On A Strong Foundation (12″)

Already posted but now with dead link – sigh! So renewed for your pleasure from ’84 and with a pleasant, sunny vibe. For fans of The Style Council. Always there for “Dreams Come True” are more electronic , funky vibe.

Respond Records ‎– KOBX 709buildingfrontcov

A Building On A Strong Foundation (Long Version)
B1 Dreams Come True
B2 Acapella Foundation

The Questions ‎– Tuesday Sunshine (12″)

More bright jazz / funk from ’84. A couple of different mixes , the Sass mix has an after hours club vibe (chinky classes and chit chat included in the intro and outro), with plenty of dub effects.

“The House That Jack Built” is included here, a cover as it does not include Tracie on lead vocals.

The gem is the funky “No One” with a duet by wife Maureen Berry!! Liking the floating synth over all the funk.

Respond Records ‎– KOBX 707SAM_4789

A1 Tuesday Sunshine (Jock Mix)
A2 Tuesday Sunshine (Sass Mix)
B1 The House That Jack Built
B2 No One (Long Version)

Daryl Hall ‎– Dreamtime (US 12″)

Biggest drum sound for a while care of an Arthur Baker mix. From 1986 and the very pleasant, Beatles / E.L.O. inspired “Dreamtime.” Baker kept the feeling of the song intact, but added lots of “remix” elements with extra percussion, extended intros, breakdowns. The Latin Rascals really get their teeth into the “Dub Version” bending sounds around the initial melody, bringing out the strings and generally messing around with the song, appreciate the art of the remix / edit.

B-side “Let It Out” benefits from the meaty co-production of David A. Stewart and T-Bone Wolk. Rock and saxophone combine.

Link to the UK 12″ here,

RCA ‎– 5714-1-RDSAM_5131

A1 Dreamtime (Extended Remixed Version) 7:55
B1 Dreamtime (Dub Version) 7:49
B2 Let It Out 4:27

Marilyn ‎– Baby U Left Me (In The Cold) (12″)

Back in the Room. (Probably with not a massive Bang, but bought about 20 new bits of vinyl)

From 1985 and proof that Marilyn was not crap. Well, not that crap. This was written and sang by him (he had ditched the long hair by now) and helped by a team of esteemed backing singers; Bobby Rae, Carol Hall, Claudia Fontaine, Eric Robinson, Sweet Pea Atkinson and produced by Don Was and mixed by John Patoka

B-side “Third Eye” was a slower , Motown styled and from the album, “Despite Straight Lines’ Very similar vocals to his Nemesis and now friend, Boy George.

Mercury ‎– MAZ 412SAM_4033

A Baby U Left Me (In The Cold) (Extended Version) 7:04
B1 Baby U Left Me (In The Cold) (Accapella) 4:10
B2 Third Eye 3:22