Mel & Kim ‎– Showing Out (The Freehold Mix) (12″)

It galls me to saw but SAW – the production team – were groundbreaking in terms of developing electronic dance music. I’d completely forgot that this was out in 1986!!  Mike Stock wrote “Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend)” for the duo, influenced by the Chicago garage house sound, creating London House.

I think it was all done on a sample machine called The Publison; this short remix by Pete Waterman shows roots in early House as well as early sampling and vocal pitching. Linn Drum patterns and a deep bass drive this 120 BPM track. (quite quick for the time)

The B-side could be a completely different band. “System” (it’s the only world the girls sing on the mix) was engineered by Karen Hewitt and Mike Duffy at PWL but it just doesn’t have the shine. It was geared at the dancefloor and has an early House groove with some guitar by Matt Aitken. The actual track did appear on their album “F.L.M.” and was penciled in to be the first single, this is more of a long instrumental.

As is the lottery of picking up vinyl for this blog, the 12″ was a little bit worn so I’ve included a “treated” version amongst the RAW recording.‎–_Showing_Out_(The_Freehold_Mix).rar

Supreme Records ‎– SUPETZ 107 melkim

A Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) (The Freehold Mix) 4:36
B System (House Mix) 9:02


2 thoughts on “Mel & Kim ‎– Showing Out (The Freehold Mix) (12″)”

  1. I have to admit that I love the Mel + Kim album, though ANY SAW product after that is toxic to me. And I still disrespect them for ruining Bananarama, much less being the crassest guys in music. I recoil at their dominant legacy of UK chart fodder. Still, at the time of release I could not believe that “FLM” was not plastered all over America with hit after hit being peeled off of it like a Jackson album. I just listened to it for the first time in years recently and the bloom was finally off of the rose. The urge to replay it immediately was finally gone. The ladies did bring character to it all and it did seem like Uncle Pete wrote the material to suit their natures. But I’d take any mixes of “Showing Out” in an escape capsule. It’s just so relentless.

  2. Have to agree with PPP. SAW depressingly formulaic for their reign, although not this track. And one of the few SAW artists who actually had personalities….

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