Säd Cäfë ‎– Keep Us Together (12″)


From 1983 and from the Manchester band Sad Cafe – here with lots of umlauts. Not really au fait with the band, the line-up at the time being; Paul Young – lead vocals, Ian Wilson – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Vic Emerson – keyboards, Dave Irving – drums, Lenni – saxophone, Des Tong – bass, backing vocals and Michael Byron-Hehir – lead guitar.

This is quite rare with not much written about it on the net. Produced by John Punter it’s a slow ballad with effective chord changes, a drum machine rhythm and plenty of synths.  B-side “Hold On” is more upbeat whilst 2 live tracks complete the release. “My Oh My” from the ’79 album “Facades” and “Love Will Survive” from ’77. Soft rock with some great harmonies.



Charisma ‎– CAFE 12 sad-cafe-why-keep

A1 Keep Us Together
A2 Hold Out
B1 Love Will Survive
B2 My Oh My

One thought on “Säd Cäfë ‎– Keep Us Together (12″)”

  1. Nice rare 12″👍Liked a couple of songs from these guys. Never knew that Paul Young (If the same Paul Young from the 80’s we’re talking about) was in the band. I’ll have to grab this and check it out. Much appreciated!! 😃

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