Bruce Springsteen ‎– Cover Me (12″)

Well if the Stones could employ Arthur Baker for a mix so could the Boss!!

To the horror of his stalwart fans (or his record company, spotting a trend) he did for this 1984 release from the smash hit album “Born In The USA” (or his record company, spotting a trend, did)

It a good mix and also a couple of nice dubs, electronically enhanced with more drums and synth lines. Added vocals by Jocelyn Brown.

A bonus on the UK 12″ was a semi-acoustic track, “Shut Out The Light” poignant lyrics over a country style backing. A hidden Brucey gem. 

Tom Waite’s “Jersey Girl” gets a live rendition from another stadium sellout. With the audience eating out of the palm of his hand Bruce delivers.‎–_Cover_Me.rar

CBS ‎– QTA 4662 covered

A1 Cover Me (Undercover Mix) 6:05
A2 Cover Me (Dub) 4:02
A3 Shut Out The Light 3:52
B1 Dancing In The Dark (Dub) 4:57
B2 Jersey Girl (Live) 5:50

2 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen ‎– Cover Me (12″)”

  1. Now you’re really outdoing yourself!! Loving the recent “mainstream” pop/rock posts. I know you need variety like you always do, but I’m sure the numbers reflect the love for the “big guys”. Woof!

  2. And to think that the Boss wrote (in one night!) “Dancing in the Dark” exactly because the PTB at Epic/CBS thought “Born in the U.S.A.” lacked a “work track”!!!

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