The Rolling Stones ‎– Too Much Blood (12″)


*I’m not putting up the video as it’ll be traceable back to this blog and the Stones don’t take no prisoners with regards copyright.

When The Rolling Stones met Arthur Baker. (and The Latin Rascals)

Back in 1984 and from the album “Undercover” this was a bit of a stones anomaly. Funk in the vein of “Rapture” with Mick Jagger going on about serial killers and mass murderers. The spoken word part pertains to Issei Sagawa, the Japanese cannibal.

Only released in America this is a superb 12″ for fans of the extended mix, overdubs and plenty of Jagger vocal drops. That Wyman bassline is superb and there are plenty of horns and funk. The Lord-Alge brothers helped with the engineering. If you thought the 12″ Dance Version was experimental try the dub it has a lovely extra synth bassline and some more ranting and scatting by Mick, definitely drop-able now.

Rolling Stones Records ‎– 0-96902 toomuch

A Too Much Blood (Dance Version) 12:33
B1 Too Much Blood (Dub Version) 8:00
B2 Too Much Blood (Album Version) 6:25


2 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones ‎– Too Much Blood (12″)”

  1. I am interested in hearing this is only for Arthur Baker vs. The Rolling Stones! When The Stones CD single set came out a few years ago, this was one of the casualties that got dumped into the memory hole. Allegedly, Mr.J did not rate these mixes. This one costs a few dollars if interested, though. The title single from “Undercover” was my favorite Rolling Stones single of the last 40 years, and I loved the very Post-Punk 12″ mixes, which was another reason why this is in my sights. “Undercover Of The Night” was almost The Stones reaction to PiL [in my mind].

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