Talk Talk – It’s My Mix (Compilation) (Italian 12″)

Very rare and never heard before, this in relation to the opening track, “Why Is It So Hard?” Trying to do my research there are apparently 4 versions out there. It first appeared on “First Born” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP back in 1984 and then was part of the soundtrack for a 1987 movie called “Zabou”, which was only released in Germany. It is on the “A-sides And B-sides” CD Compilation but in a different, stripped down version. This itself is a remix from the “First Born” version. It certainly seems to be from the “It’s My Life.” era but was produced by Bob Buziak and Burt Berman but remixed by  Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero. It is quite commercial and bright sounding and definitely a lost gem.

So fans of the 12″ and also fans of early Talk Talk. Released in Italy and Canada in 1985 as an introduction to this great band. It was nice to here the extended version of  “Talk Talk” again, produced by Colin Thurston – they were certainly going for the New Romantic scene at the time.

I do like the US Remix of “Such A Shame” by Steve Thompson, the editing brings out different arrangements making it a pleasant, alternative listen.

EMI ‎– 62 2403071talked

A1 Why Is It So Hard? (12″ U.S. Remix – Extended Version) 6:03
A2 Talk Talk (12″ Mix – Extended Version) 4:32
A3 My Foolish Friend (12″ Mix – Extended Version) 5:26
B1 It’s My Life (12″ Mix – Extended Version) 6:14
B2 Dum Dum Girl (12″ Remix – Extended Version) 5:20
B3 Such A Shame (12″ U.S. Remix – Extended Version) 6:24

One thought on “Talk Talk – It’s My Mix (Compilation) (Italian 12″)”

  1. Much underrated band at the time and still is very little available on the net. Sad really i played these quite a bit at the Camden Palais Nights in the day.

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