Burundi Black ‎– Burundi Black (12″)


An interesting experiment in blending World Music with some synthetics helped by a remix of a 1971 track by Rusty Egan (Visage) and Jean-Philippe Iliesco released in 1981.

Originally written by frenchman Mike Steïphenson (aka Michel Bernholc) who grafted an arrangement for guitars and keyboards onto the original recording from Burundi, and the result was ‘Burundi Black’, that sampled  “Ensemble De Tambours” from the drummers of the Ingoma tribe, which appeared first on the French Album “Musique Du Burundi.” (1968) (field recordings by anthropologists Michel Vuylsteke and Charles Duvelle)

Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow had been inspired (or Malcolm Mclaren had) as well as Def Leppard on the track “Rocket” and Joni Mitchell on “Jungle Line” and “59 Chrystie Street” by the Beastie Boys

Egan adds some of own electronic drums to the beat and their is a piano and clavitar to give it a New Romantic feel. The shorter second part is more like the original just voice and drums.

Original Dub Step!



Barclay ‎– BAX1 burin1

A Burundi Black (First Part) 6:57
B Burundi Black (Second Part) 3:34

2 thoughts on “Burundi Black ‎– Burundi Black (12″)”

  1. Ha, this is one of the few records you’ve posted since i started visiting here that i actually own… Always a strange obsession this one, not even sure why i bought it back then but its got something about it. African drums and chanting with a beat, just about listenable, but catchy. B-side being just the original chanting and drums, barely listenable, barely played… Cool to grab a rip, so cheers.

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