The The ‎– This Is The Day (US 12″)

The The from September 1983. Produced with Paul Hardiman who did these two specially extended versions. It still has a DIY feel to it with his late brother Andy designing the sleeve. With all the fiddles (by Paul Boyle) and Paul Wickens (on accordian) it seems more like synthfolk. Andy Duncan (Linx) played drums alongside the drum machine.

Zeke Manyika’s (Orange Juice) electronic drums are the stand out sound on the funky “I‘ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)” Thomas Leer chips in with a synth solo whilst it all hangs together on Camelle G. Hinds (Central Line) insistant bassline, extended fully to over 7 minutes.

Epic ‎– 49-04315SAM_7409

A This Is The Day 5:22
B I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) (Special Mix) 7:36

2 thoughts on “The The ‎– This Is The Day (US 12″)”

  1. Do you know, I own this and I bought it just for the cover, not ever playing it. But now that I know that the mixes differ from the ‘Soul Mining” album, I guess I should pencil it in… for whenever I have the time to play vinyl. As usual, the prospects don’t look good, there. I have ZERO leisure time.

  2. Good day , any chance that you could do a re-up of this and the other ‘The the 12 inchers’ that are listed on this site? have set about finally sorting out my archive at home and these would go a long way to plugging a few gaps
    The The This is the day US12
    The The – Infected US 12
    The The – Jealous of youth US promo
    The The – Gravitate to me 12
    The The – Infected UK 12

    Think that’s it, have the Dogs of Lust CD here, so ok for that, but the others would be very much appreciated. I do have the Graviate to me DUB mix on Vinyl at home, but no easy way of getting it off the disc at this time !

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