Peter Schilling ‎– Major Tom (Coming Home) (US Promo 12″)

To celebrate the 50 years of Apollo 11 mission to the moon (and an undying memory from March of a club in Berlin singing this together as one of the last songs of the night, in perfect English I may add!)

John Luongo provides the mixes bringing out the sequenced synths and punchy guitar (Armin Sabol)  and bass (by Günther Gebauer) over the drums (by Curt Gress) and extended nearly to 8 minutes. The instrumental sounds like The Police in places.

More Tom here

and my 7″ is here''_Promo_Vinyl_Mixes_-_1983_MP3.rar

Elektra ‎– EAOR 4923SAM_0411

A1 Major Tom (Coming Home) (Special Extended Version) 7:58
A2 Major Tom (Coming Home) (Special Instrumental Version) 4:53
B1 Major Tom (Coming Home) (Short Version) (English Version) 3:57
B2 Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) (German Version) 3:57



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