The Look ‎– The Look (US Vinyl LP)

With his cockney, Weller-like vocals, Johnny Whetstone (and a small smattering of synths – normally used in the bridge) The Look released their debut LP in 1981. Completing the line-up with Whetstone on vocals and rhythm guitar was Mick Bass on keyboards and lead guitar, Gus Goad on bass and Trevor Walter on drums and percussion. After initial success they disbanded in 1983, reforming Spinal Tap-like in the early 2000’s

So it is quite a Mod sound, plenty of organ with production by Adam Shadlock. The debut (and hit) single “I Am The Beat” is here along with a dozen songs offering a decent variety from a very difficult to get hold of LP

Quirky track of the album is a cover of Bernstein and Sondheim “Tonight,” it was a released as a single but never charted.

A slow ballad, “Your Dreams, My Dreams”, features guest synth by The Enid’s Robert Godfrey, giving it a Vangelis sound to it.


MCA Records ‎– MCF 3120SAM_5333

A1 Animal Charms 3:24
A2 The Walking Truth 4:30
A3 Guards Of Love 2:54
A4 Double Life 3:38
A5 Knock, Knock, Knock 3:20
A6 Tonight 5:06
B1 I Am The Beat 3:01
B2 Dressed Earp 3:31
B3 Three Steps Away 2:22
B4 Your Dreams, My Dreams 2:50
B5 Information Bureau 3:35
B6 Feeding Time 3:49

2 thoughts on “The Look ‎– The Look (US Vinyl LP)”

  1. Just came across this! I have the two singles : I Am The Beat (with infinite groove : beat…beat..beat..beat…beat….) and Tonight but curious about the rest of the album. A re-upload would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Aah, thanks a bunch. Hope it was worth the trouble. This Gofile thing works a charm, very fast!
    Can’t help myself, another folder coming soooon!

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