Tunes from Oz and Beyond Part 17 (Mid to Late 80’s) (Hunters And Collectors, Jenny Morris, Pseudo Echo, Wa Wa Nee etc)

Seems to be a popular series….thanks for having a look.

Hunters & Collectors ‎– Is There Anybody In There? (Aussie 12″)

October 1986 saw the release of this indie bouncer . The tracks were mixed by Ivan Ivan to give it dark dancefloor credentials. The bass is memorable as well as the chorus. The “Extended Dance Mix” nicely beefed up and not too long.

“Honey In The Jar” is an instrumental,  trumpet\organ led bit of a Jazz Blues track which eventually rocks out.

White Label Records ‎– X14442isthere

A Is There Anybody In There? (Extended Dance Mix) 5:21
B1 Is There Anybody In There? (7″ Mix) 3:24
B2 Honey In The Jar (Instrumental) 3:25

Pseudo Echo ‎– Living In A Dream (Metal Mix) (Aussie 12″)

The follow up to “Funky Town” and contains more than a passing resemblance, sticking to a formula. Also from 1986 and getting the mix of synths and rock guitar just right. Jim Taig goes for more traditional 80’s remix territory on his Metal mix, that bass certainly cleans the dust out of the speakers.

“Loose Ends” is a short blues/swingbeat jam track with some nice piano by James Leigh.

EMI ‎– Good 129SAM_1792

A Living In A Dream (Metal Mix) 5:39
B1 Living In A Dream 3:24
B2 Loose Ends 2:28

Boom Crash Opera ‎– Great Wall (Aussie 12″)

From Melbourne (and from 1986) we have the debut release from Boom Crash Opera.

Drums – Peter Maslen, Guitar – Peter Farnan,  Guitar, Bass – Richard Pleasance,  Keyboards – Greg O’Connor  and Vocals – Dale Ryder.

Produced by esteem British producer Steve Brown. The 12″ chugs along with some rock elements, very INXS with drums by Adam and the Ants.

There is a definite early Tears For Fears sound to the B-side, electronic drums, strummed guitar and synth hooks.

WEA ‎– 0-258688wall

A Great Wall (Extended) 4:41
B1 Great Wall 3:46
B2 Caught Between Two Towns 3:23

Venetians ‎– Bitter Tears (Aussie 7″)

From 1988 and the stadium rock sound (i.e. Simple Minds) from Venetians, off their final album, “Amazing World.”

The line-up was Drums – Tim Powles (The Church), Guitar, Bass – Peter Watson, Guitar, Vocals – David Skeet and Lead Vocals – Rick Swinn and produced by Mark Optiz

It is a great track, good hooks and a chorus, a great hidden gem.

Are you getting the flavour of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” from Tears For Fears ???

“Heartbeat” is quite New Wave sounding and as just as good as the A-side. Very rare stuff!! Like a lighter sounding Jane’s Addiction.

Parole Records  ‎– K 516SAM_1158

A Bitter Tears (Edited Version)
B Heartbeat

Hunters & Collectors ‎– Back On The Breadline / Real World (LTD Aussie 12″)

More H & C from 1988 and from the album “Fate.” Signature horn section compliments the main riff. A song about hardship and poverty honestly sung by Mark Seymour.

“Real World” was another track from “Fate”, slower and moodier but breaks out half way through. Shades of Pete Murphy’s “Strange Kind Of Love.”

Two more quality tracks.

White Label Records ‎– X13326SAM_1210

A Back On The Breadline 3:56
B Real World 3:51

Wa Wa Nee ‎– Can’t Control Myself (The Ean Sugarman Mix) (Aussie 12″)

Tongue in cheek surely, the return of mad synthpop in the form of Wa Wa Nee (from November 1988 and off the album “Blush”). The Aussie Bros!

In the form of early House beats, a definite nod to S’Express as well as Alexander O’Neil. The main mix was done by Mr. Sugarman (an award winning dance/pop song writer and producer who worked on projects including Tina Arena and Euphoria.)

AJA’s mix is more cut up with a harder acid bassline.

The Hysteria Mix ( by David Briggs – guitarist from the Little River Band and Les Toth) has some heavy guitar, vocoder and leans towards Freeez’s I.O.U. via Yello , definitely an interesting mix.

CBS ‎– 653162 8SAM_2366

A Can’t Control Myself (The Ean Sugarman Mix) 6:29
B1 Can’t Control Myself (AJA Smiley Remix) 5:07
B2 Can’t Control Myself (Hysteria Mix) 7:51

Kate Ceberano ‎– Love Dimension (LTD Aussie 12″)

Hip Hop beats in the Soul II Soul mold on this Nick Launey production track from July 1989 with mixes by Peewee Ferris. Nicely placing it in the late 80’s and from the album “Brave” The mix of the funk loops and overdubs are more effective on the “Dimented Mix.”

Regular Records ‎– X 13395kate

A Love Dimension (Hyper Mix)
B Love Dimension (Dimented Mix)

Jenny Morris ‎– She Has To Be Loved (US Promo 12″)

From 1989 and co-written and produced with Andy Farriss. (INXS) New Zealander Jenny with vocals similar to Chrissy Hynde released this from her album “Shiver” (very short these Aussie LP titles) There is a bit of INXS as you’d expect but a great vocal performance, not liking the weird phasing effects on the normal extended version. Duncan Bridgeman tightens everything up and increases the rock elements to 11, giving it some pots and pans beats and really making it sound fresh for 1989, you gotta love a glockenspiel solo. MIX OF THE WEEK

A bonus track is a remix of album track “Shiver”(again by Bridgeman) and it is nearly as good. Deep bass and a House tempo and funky as hell, going into a Latin groove.

Giant Records ‎– PRO-A-4387folder

A1 She Has To Be Loved (12″ Bridgeman Mix) 6:23
A2 She Has To Be Loved (Extended Mix) 6:18
A3 She Has To Be Loved (Bridgeman Instrumental Mix) 4:47
B1 She Has To Be Loved (Album Version) 4:05
B2 Saved Me (U.K. ‘Shiver’ Mix) 5:30

1927 ‎– …Ish (US Vinyl LP)

And finally….

A whole debut album from Melbourne band 1927 from November 1988.  James Barton on drums, Bill Frost on bass guitar, his brother Garry Frost (ex-Moving Pictures) on guitar and keyboards, and Eric Weideman on lead vocals and guitar

Typical late 80’s Pop Rock with some really nice elements. Crossing the lines between Pop Rock and AOR

I won’t dissect each track, it’s just worth a listen all the way through. Theirs ballads, rockers and more of the same, repeat to  fade.…Ish_-_US_12%27%27_Vinyl_LP_Album_-_1989.rar/file

Atlantic ‎– 81986-1ish

A1 To Love Me 4:21
A2 That’s When I Think Of You 4:13
A3 If I Could 3:40
A4 You’ll Never Know 3:40
A5 Compulsory Hero 4:34
B1 All The People 3:52
B2 Nothing In The Universe 4:06
B3 Propaganda Machine 3:24
B4 Give The Kid A Break 3:36
B5 Mess 2:40

2 thoughts on “Tunes from Oz and Beyond Part 17 (Mid to Late 80’s) (Hunters And Collectors, Jenny Morris, Pseudo Echo, Wa Wa Nee etc)”

  1. Another great collection – fun fact about 1927 … the lead singer was invited to form a band with the principle songwriter (who was in the previous mega-huge Moving Pictures) after being seen/heard in the talent slot of Australia’s popular variety show Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Red Faces).

    And for some great before and after shots, visit Pseudo Echo’s facebook page to see Brian Canhams awesome 80’s hairstyle compared to todays extravaganza (I can’t find a better way to describe it – gotta be seen to be believed).

    1. Stephen,

      Always a great response with Aussie history that sometimes may have slipped the mind or never knew about. Thanks for that piece of info!!

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