Trojan Horse – Wicker (Digital Download)


So a very, very new release from my good friend Eden’s band, Trojan Horse.  More known for their alt. rock via twisted prog rock sound. According to the band, these are tracks that didn’t fit on their previous acclaimed album “Fukushima Surfer Boys” and reveal are much more electronic side and a homage to the music from the cult film , “The Wicker Man.”

For most of the tracks they take traditional English style madrigals and give them a synthetic twist. So “Willow” (originally from 1973) gets an electronic backing with plenty of vocal harmonizing.

“Gently Johnny” , again originally by Paul Giovanni gets Eroticism in the lyrics, in the style of an old English ballad but with synths replacing more acoustic instruments

“Maypole”, also from the film,  is the shortest track, a traditional “round”, reaching out to your inner Druid and telling the story about the Tree of the Knowledge, of good and evil.

Two version of “Hammer & Spike” are included in this release to highlight the different recording processes – a conscious break away from their traditional “Guitar/Bass/Keys/Drums set up”, “Version 1 is the “acoustic/electric/electronic” groundwork that we laid, with Version 2 being the result of changes in members instruments, or being asked to compose away from their preferred set up.”

So Guitars and other acoustic instruments make an appearance in Version 1 of this powerful album closer, Organs swirl and drums pound around the echoing vocals as it builds to a powerful crescendo.

Version 2 goes into Vangelis territory with an electro-Glam stomp after a measured build up. The highlight track of the E.P. for me.

Here is a link to their Bandcamp page (the album is a “name your price” variety, you could get it for nowt if you want to be tight)

And here’s their Facebook page.

Buy it and share the love, feedback always graciously accepted. A band worth getting into.

1 Willow’s Song 5:30
2 Gently Johnny 5:36
3 Maypole 3:12
4 Hammer & Spike (Version 1) 9:07
5 Hammer & Spike (Version 2) 8:58



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