New Order ‎– True Faith Remix (Aussie 12″)

A rare bit of vinyl sees Shep Pettibone gets his teeth into this 1987 Worldwide hit. It does improve on the original which I always thought a bit flat sounding. It’s crisper and more dynamic if a little long Pettibone goes off on jam after 7 mins, the dub is over 10 mins long!!!!

“Paradise” from “Brotherhood” gets a remix by Aussie remixer and member of Severed Heads Robert Racic assisted by fellow Aussie Nick Mainsbridge, exclusive to this release. Good overdubs on the drums and a dark synth bassline.

Now to find my UK 12″!!! (I wish, it is up in the attic somewhere)

Factory Records Australasia ‎– Fac 183RSAM_4762

A True Faith (Remix) 8:59
B1 Paradise (Remix) 6:40
B2 True Dub 10:41

4 thoughts on “New Order ‎– True Faith Remix (Aussie 12″)”

  1. This remix is Shep Pettibone and Stephen Hague at their best, though New Order did managed to do a few tracks better than this one. That’s not to say that it isn’t a monster, though! It’s the best “Let’s sell some records in America” release ever made.

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