Matt Bianco ‎– Dancing In The Street (12″)

A little bit more cheese for a Sunday ?

From 1986 and adding a bit of Latin / Brazilian flavour to the proceedings. Mark Reilly adds his croon and judging by the video they were at the height of their popularity at a packed gig. Written and produced by the band, it is certainly toe-tappy with the help of Phil Harding on the mix, anyone for a game of Mario Kart ? The instrumental has keyboards replacing the vocals.

The live experience is added on bonus track, “Just Can’t Stand It” in its extended , Encore version. Another “feel good” track.

WEA ‎– YZ 72T matt

A Dancing In The Street (Dance Mix) 7:00
B1 Dancing In The Street (Instrumental) 5:27
B2 Just Can’t Stand It (Live Version) 8:28

One thought on “Matt Bianco ‎– Dancing In The Street (12″)”

  1. There has always been great love for Matt Bianco [the first two albums, anyway] in the Record Cell and I never got the looks down their noses for their spin on the New Wave Of British Jazz Pop. I first heard them when I saw a minute of the “Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed” video on MTV’s “London Calling.” I thought to myself, “Wow! Here’s a group that dares to blend the approach of both Yello and Manhattan Transfer!” I was immediately smitten. Do I have this 12″ single? [looks on Discogs account] Yes. Have I ever spun it in the 30-ish years I’ve owned it? Uh, no.

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