The The – Infected (US 12″)

I remember trying to dance to this back in 1986 and couldn’t. Still admire the mix of electronics and real sounds. The Dan Brown bass and pounding Dave Palmer drums make it such a strong rhythm section. The Guy Barker trumpet solo is great, he also provided one for “Sometimes” by Erasure.

All the mixes are gathered together on this US 12″ version with Roli ‘Stoli’ Mosimann extending the main version. The “Skull Crusher Mix” is much less cluttered and is good alternative listen even with the weird vocals effects halfway through, probably the version I’d DJ out to (To an empty dance floor!)

Still never keen on the thankfully short “Energy Mix” , it just doesn’t go anywhere. Big , deep bass tho’.


Epic ‎– 49 05982SAM_4548

A Infected (Extended Mix) 6:10
B1 Infected (Skull Crusher Mix) 5:32
B2 Infected (Energy Mix) 3:29

4 thoughts on “The The – Infected (US 12″)”

  1. Yes, I Just got the standard UK 12″ when it came out. Feel slightly cheated by missing out of the Skull Crusher mix all these years. The americans got a better deal! Yes, always thought the Energy mix was very poor.

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