Three O’Clock ‎– Warm Aspirations (12″)

ever after

A 1986 release from the L.A. quartet. The Line-up was Michael Quercio – vocals and bass (ex-member of the early 80’s band The Salvation Army) , Steven Altenberg-  guitars, Mike Mariano – keyboards and Danny Benair – drums. The band came about from the “Paisley Underground”, a name to describe a subset of the 1980’s L.A. music scene which included bands such as Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade, Green on Red, the Long Ryders and the Bangles.

Synth strings and a strong indie vibe. Ian Broudie produced and sounding ever so much like “Lightning Seeds.”

“Regina Caeli” is a traditional hymn sung in the Latin with a sparse synth backing. Very Weird!

Why on here?

William Orbit remixes the last track , an extended mix of the opening track from their album “Ever After”. Weird organ sounds start it off then it kicks into a indie, synthpop dance track. Lots of echoing effects and a great 12″ Mix.

I.R.S. Records ‎– IRMT 127SAM_4612

A Warm Aspirations
B1 Regina Caeli
B2 Suzie’s On The Ball Now (Extended)

One thought on “Three O’Clock ‎– Warm Aspirations (12″)”

  1. I have the contents of that 12″ on two separate records. I only have the UK 7″ of “Warm Aspirations” for the B-side but I also have the US promo 12″ of “Susie’s On The Ball Now” for the first Three O’Clock dance mix. I love William Orbit mixes, but it was kind of weird having The Three O’Clock get pushed into the dance music spotlight.

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