Ph.D – I Didn’t Know (12″)

Ph.D were remembered for their own brand of keyboard led soft rock. The band took its name from the initial letters of its three members’ surnames; Simon Phillips (drummer and son of band leader Sid Philips), Tony Hymas (keyboards) and Jimmy Diamond (vocals)

This was the lead single from their second album “Is It Safe ?” that didn’t get a UK release! Orchestrated and with some nice guitar. So good it comes with an instrumental of its own. A mid-paced ballad but very well arranged.

Bonus and to boost sales was their one hit wonder “I Won’t Let You Down” from 1981. A classic that is both quite unique in it’s synth rock sound with those incredible vocals of the much missed Mr. Diamond.


WEA ‎– U 9996Tdidn't know

A I Didn’t Know 4:05
B1 Theme For Jenny (Instrumental Version Of “I Didn’t Know”) 3:25
B2 I Won’t Let You Down

6 thoughts on “Ph.D – I Didn’t Know (12″)”

  1. Totally forgotten about Jim Diamond and never heard of this release. Only really remember him for his other solo hit; “should’ve no better”…. Making him a “one hit wonder” twice! Didnt know he died either. RIP.

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